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What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?

This is much overlap between the two terms, but there are also similarities in how the work is performed. A counsellor is a specifically trained therapist working through and supporting an individual with personal issues. They will have professional training in theory and application and this generally applies to short to medium term work. A psychotherapist will have a similar type of training, but will normally work over a longer duration and at a deeper therapeutic level.

What is transactional analysis?

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a type of counselling/psychotherapy devised by Doctor Eric Berne in the 1950s. Since then TA has evolved and developed with additional ideas and approaches and is used widely in counselling and psychotherapy.

There are three key concepts to TA:

  • People are ok
  • Everyone has the capacity to think
  • People decide their own destiny and these decisions can be changed.

TA is a therapeutic approach that offers clarity, accessibility and relevance to understanding human behaviours and how to make positive changes. It values the working relationship between client and therapist. I work with a relational approach to TA and this looks at the therapeutic relationship that evolves between the client and the therapist.

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